The Flora and Fauna of the Sandakphu Trek

The Sandakphu Trek is renowned for its rich flora and fauna. The trek passes through several national parks and wildlife reserves, providing trekkers with an opportunity to witness some unique species. Here are some of the flora and fauna to look out for:

  1. Rhododendrons: The region is home to several species of rhododendrons, which bloom in vibrant colors during the spring. The trek provides trekkers with a chance to witness these stunning flowers in their natural habitat.
  2. Himalayan black bear: The trek passes through several wildlife reserves, which are home to the Himalayan black bear. Trekkers may have a chance to witness these majestic creatures in the wild.
  3. Red panda: The region is also home to the elusive red panda, which is known for its distinctive red fur and shy nature. Trekkers may have a chance to spot these rare animals during the trek.
  4. Blue poppies: The trek passes through several meadows, which are home to the blue poppy. These stunning flowers bloom during the summer months, providing trekkers with a unique sight.
  5. Snow leopards: The region is also home to the snow leopard, one of the most elusive big cats in the world. While the chances of spotting a snow leopard are slim, trekkers can keep an eye out for their tracks and signs.

Begin Point : Jaubari End Point : Srikhola

Short Agenda

Day 1: Show up Jaubari (6,400 Ft.).

Day 2: Jaubhari to Tumling (9,422 Ft.) by journey 11 Kms approx 6-7 Hrs.

Day 3: Tumling to Kalipokhri (9,875 Ft.) by journey 13 Kms approx 6-7 Hrs.

Day 4: Kalipokhri to Sandakphu (11,948 Ft.) by journey 7 Kms approx 3-4 Hrs.

Day 5: Sandakphu to Srikhola by Journey 16 Kms approx 5-6 hrs.

Day 6: Takeoff from Srikhola.

Accessible Takeoff Dates:

Dates 2022

Note: On the off chance that you are beyond what 6 man you can request your favored dates.

Sandakphu Journey Guide How to Book an Excursion Once you Book an Outing what is Next See Definite Schedule

One of the most incredible Himalayan journey Sandakphu should be on your list of must-dos, takes you to the notable Singalila Edge, You will begin this intriguing trip from Jaubhari headquarters of the Sandakphu journey, second-day journey towards Tumbling, one of the great pinnacle of Singalila Edge. n the Third day move towards Kalipokhri which covers a 9 Kms distance and takes approx 5 hrs to reach, likewise passes by Singalila Public Park. The fourth day will be the most entrancing day for you, as you go over the Sandakphu Pinnacle, one of the greatest pinnacles of West Bengal, alongside views the excellence of the Dozing Buddha range. t. Kanchendzonga and Mt. Everest will be the treat to your eyes which entice you to fill your spirit with experience. The fifth day will be the dive, continue to respect the excellence and the all encompassing look at the Nepal Himalayan reach.

West Bengal journeying has such a huge amount to offer, and this extreme trekWest Bengal: Sandakphu Trip is one of them which gives you a great encounter. Sandakphu Trip’s best time is from April to May and after the rainstorm, beginning from October to early December.

Trouble Level : Sandakphu Journey

One who has insight of traveling can do it rapidly. Evaluated as a moderate journey, but with some specialized information on strolling or earlier practice can make a fledgling seek after this trip.

Is it reasonable for youngsters’?

No, the journey isn’t positive for youngsters, as the trouble level is moderate.

Is it a decent choice interestingly travelers/or families?

This Himalayan journey is evaluated as a moderate trip, so it’s anything but an insightful decision until having related knowledge.

Most noteworthy Elevation : Sandakphu Journey

The height of Sandakphu Trip is 11, 929 Ft. one can achieve the most extreme height relies upon the subject to his perseverance, and different circumstances like environment, Temperature.

Season : Sandakphu Journey

The two best seasons to go for the Sandakphu journey are from April to May and the subsequent season is after the storm beginning from October to early December.

Normal Temperature : Sandakphu Trip

Normal Temperature during winters: The typical Temperature in Sandakphu is 7 degrees Celsius in the day and 1 degree Celsius around evening time, throughout the mid year season.

What Makes this Trip Unique?

It’s a live encounter to stroll towards paradise in a real sense, since when every one of the 5 most noteworthy pinnacles are there to address the magnificence of the path. Being proof to make sense of the presence of the valley will unavoidably stamp your presence commendable; you can’t let that second out without catching it. Climbing slopes will save praise for yourself and incite you to continue onward and be relentless on journey until the pinnacle comes.

Is Sandakphu journey troublesome?

Sandakphu journey is settled at an elevation of 11,929 feet above ocean level, subsequently it is one of the greatest highest point journey in the Singalila Public Park. Anyway contrasted with different trips it is so easy.

What is the best chance to visit Sandakphu?

Two best seasons for the Sandakphu journey are from April to May and after the rainstorm beginning from October to early December when the temperature goes from – 5 to 5 degrees.

Is Everest noticeable from Sandakphu

You get to see from left to right-Lhotse, Mt Everest, Makalu, three sisters, Kumbhakarna, Kanchanjunga, north Kabru, south kabru, dark kabru, Sabru, Kabru vault and Pandim.

Journey Schedule : Sandakphu Trip

Day 1: Show up Jaubari (6,400 Ft.).

Time Taken : 4-5 hours’ drive from NJP (New Jalpaiguri Rail line Station or Bagdogra Air terminal). Today on your own arrive at Jaubari, plan to be in Jaubari at earliest conceivable, Bagdogra is the closest air terminal and NJP is the closest Rail line station which is 110 Kms approx 4 Hrs. On appearance meet our organization agent, look into your convenience, rest of the night at recreation, free for your own exercises.

Short term visit in travelers Cabin

Feast Supper As it were

Day 2: Jaubhari to Tumling (9,422 Ft.) by journey 11 Kms approx 6-7 Hrs.

Today appreciate breakfast at the Hotel and from that point we set for tumbling through the timberland range you’ll be in upper Chittrey following 2 hours of walk. As it comes in most stormy states so traveler ought to convey their Rain coats and Overcoats and great quality shoes which assists you with strolling in snow and mud simultaneously. Day 2 may be a piece sketchy and sloppy reason for downpour which isn’t an unexpected in rainforest state. This state covers 20866.88 km woods range which is one of the most broad pieces of the timberland in India. Inevitably on the highest point of town slope begins flickering somewhere close to the Oak and Maple leaf, parabola flights of stairs will forge ahead with the halfway of Chittrey to Meghma wilderness. Subsequent to arriving at a Lamyadhurab wilderness, the excursion must be finished. Crossing up SSB office will arrive at Tumbling. Look into the booked convenience, rest of the night at relaxation.

In conclusion, the Sandakphu Trek offers a unique opportunity to witness some of the rarest flora and fauna in the world. Trekkers can experience the beauty of the natural world and gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of conservation efforts.

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